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Make your Home Hi-Tech

Who doesn’t love hi-tech gadgets? They can make daily tasks easier or just make life more enjoyable. Check out these hi-tech gadgets and upgrades that can turn your community into a futuristic neighborhood.


Everyone’s experienced it at least once. You leave your home, but it’s not until you’re miles away that you wonder if you locked the door. With Lockitron, you don’t have to wonder. The device comes with an app that tells you if the door is locked or unlocked. It even allows you to monitor your family members by telling you who has left or entered the house. Continue reading

Best Solar Panels for Your Home

Solar power is growing in popularity, and as more and more people want to take advantage of this money-saving, environmentally-friendly power, HOAs are changing their perceptions and allowing homeowners to install solar panels. Check out some of the benefits of solar power and which panels are the best for homes.

Benefits of Solar Powershutterstock_188930144

Solar panels allow homeowners to use a renewable energy source that cannot be abused because no one can own the sun. Panels may be expensive, but once they are paid for, the savings skyrocket because the sunlight is free. Plus, solar panels are great for the environment. Solar energy is a completely clean energy. There is no byproduct, so users reduce their carbon footprint and help protect the environment for future generations.

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