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How to Establish Your Community’s Pool Rules

A community pool is a great perk for any neighborhood, and it may attract many potential residents. However, a pool without rules is a serious danger. When establishing your community’s pool rules, use these five guidelines to help you.

Identify the Age LimitEstablishing community pool rules

You don’t want toddlers running around your pool without parental supervision, so you’ll need to determine various age limits. Even if you choose to hire a lifeguard, it’s best to prohibit young children from entering the pool area without a parent or adult. However, you’ll also need to determine how old the escort needs to be. Will you allow 15-year-olds to monitor 7-year-olds, or do they have to be 18 or older? Continue reading

Summer Fun – Planning Community Events for the Summer

Independence-DaySummer is just around the corner, and that means it’s the perfect time to start planning outdoor activities for your community. While the season’s warmer weather means many opportunities for outdoor activities, the holidays are the perfect time for an HOA to plan community events on days that residents will likely be staying home from work. We’ve put together a helpful guide for planning some summer fun in your community.  Continue reading