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Community Storage Areas?

Everyone loves tons of storage. It’s even one of the things people look for when buying a new house. Put your community above the rest by offering community storage areas, so residents have more storage options.

Attracts More ResidentsStorage areas for residents in your community

No one wants to move into a house and then realize they have no place to put half of their belongings. Seeing that a neighborhood offers community storage areas is a huge perk. Not only does it allow residents to keep those items they can’t fit in their house/condo, shed or garage, but it also makes it easier to access them. The alternative is to rent a storage unit somewhere in town, but having a unit right in the neighborhood makes it much easier to access. For example, if someone has no place to store their lawnmower, they can easily store it at the community storage area and still use the mower on a regular basis. Continue reading