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Marijuana and the Impact on Community Associations

marijuana-prohibition-sign-shutterstockAs public perception of marijuana changes and more states enact different forms of legalization, HOAs are struggling with how to adjust to this new reality. While both medicinal and recreational use of the drug is becoming broadly accepted, some are still very strongly against it, especially among older populations. And, in condos and other shared buildings, the smoke can be an irritant that causes friction between neighbors. How should communities deal with the issue of marijuana?              Continue reading

Is Your Community Ready for an Emergency?

shutterstock_141258646When a disaster strikes, a community working together can help mitigate the damage and keep residents safe. While every resident and family should also have their own emergency plan in place, an emergency is a time for a neighborhood to come together and help each other. Here are some helpful tips for your community to help everyone be prepared during an emergency. Continue reading

Board Member, Manager, or Hero?

SuperheroThe “Hero Handbook” starts with the simple reminder of the purpose and goal as a Board Member:

  • Improve communications

  • Facilitate your association’s business, effectively and efficiently

  • Reduce stress in managing your association

Let’s face it. You became a Board Member to make things better. You want to improve communications, maximize amenities, improve and/or add new services, reduce expenses, fix the parking problems, help sell vacant properties…and on and on and on! Your heart is in the right place for sure. Then REALITY STRIKES. You need help. The job is bigger than you.  You quickly realize what most successful businesses have known for quite some time; technology must be your friend! You need to spearhead the charge to connect your community, to find a way to promote real-time communications with residents, to efficiently solve everyday community problems that never go away, to become a Board Member “Hero”.

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