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Why Your Amex Is No Good Here

Anyone who has an American Express or Discover credit card has surely had one of those aggravating moments where they try to pay with their card, only to be told their card type isn’t accepted there. Why are American Express and Discover the apparent redheaded stepchildren of the credit card world? What makes them different from Visa and Mastercard, which are accepted as a form of payment pretty much everywhere? Continue reading

Why Reserve Funds are Necessary

shutterstock_113313148No one likes to spend their hard-earned money on community association dues. Just like taxes, everyone complains about having to pay them and resents it when they go up. Sometimes an HOA will try to please their residents by avoiding fee increases and dipping into their reserve funds to cover a rise in costs. As attractive an option as this may seem, it is one that sacrifices long term planning for short term comfort. Not only that, but depleting the reserve fund in the name of saving residents money is often a road to costing them even more money when an emergency happens.  Continue reading

Going Green In Your Community

shutterstock_165622640Building a green community is a group effort, one that requires action and attention from everyone. What can be done to help make the community more sustainable? There are many things that can be done to make the neighborhood more environmentally friendly, but it’s important to know where to start. Here’s a how-to guide on making the community green, and how to encourage others to do the same.

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How A Community Website Can Make Your Life Easier

Big NewsNow, make managing a homeowners association easier with an industry website. Manage numerous aspects of your homeowners association through a customized website designed to facilitate resident communication and better serve your community.

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Why and How to Keep your Resume Current and Professional Part 2

Why and How to Keep your Resume Current and Professional Part 2 
By Julie Adamen
[email protected]Julie Adamen

We know we do a lot as managers, but how to explain it on a resume without it being a litany of rote tasks (“take minutes” “perform walk-throughs”)?  Quantify your responsibilities in real terms to a prospective employer or supervisor by focusing more on the big things and less on the weeds. A well-executed resume for community managers should include these “big” items: Continue reading

Board Member, Manager, or Hero?

SuperheroThe “Hero Handbook” starts with the simple reminder of the purpose and goal as a Board Member:

  • Improve communications

  • Facilitate your association’s business, effectively and efficiently

  • Reduce stress in managing your association

Let’s face it. You became a Board Member to make things better. You want to improve communications, maximize amenities, improve and/or add new services, reduce expenses, fix the parking problems, help sell vacant properties…and on and on and on! Your heart is in the right place for sure. Then REALITY STRIKES. You need help. The job is bigger than you.  You quickly realize what most successful businesses have known for quite some time; technology must be your friend! You need to spearhead the charge to connect your community, to find a way to promote real-time communications with residents, to efficiently solve everyday community problems that never go away, to become a Board Member “Hero”.

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