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Getting an HOA Approval for House Color

Some homeowners associations have strict rules regarding what color you can paint the exterior of your home. In other communities, they may require you to get an approval before you paint your house a different color. Check out these tips for how to get HOA approval for a new house color.

Be ProactiveHOA Paint Color Approval for your Home

You definitely don’t want to start painting your house before you get approval from the HOA. Not only may this be a complete waste of time and money if the colors are denied, but it’s just annoying for the HOA. Board members and property management companies are people too, so if you go out of your way to break a rule and then ask if it’s okay, they may get annoyed, which can influence their decision, especially if you are choosing colors that aren’t pre-approved. It’s best to be polite and ask before you start. Continue reading