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Top 10 Qualities to Have as a Community Manager

Being a community manager is a difficult job, and you have to wear many hats. To be successful, a good community manager must have many different skills. These are the top 10 qualities all community managers should have.

Communicationqualities to have as a community manager

A community manager communicates with a lot of people: residents, vendors and the board. As a result, you need to have great communication skills, which allow you to articulate your thoughts and feelings clearly and without causing confusion. Continue reading

Managing and Maintaining Amenities

ImageAmenities that add to the value and quality of life for residents can be a very important feature for communities. But, maintaining them is a responsibility that can overwhelm an HOA’s resources, and failing to do so properly can even damage a community’s reputation. How amenities are managed and maintained is a decision that all community managers need to consider very seriously.

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