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The Budget Busters of 2015

Piggy-bankA new year is coming, which means it is time for planning out new budgets. Careful budget planning is incredibly important for a community association, as it determines how much money they will have to collect from residents and what projects and services it will be able to complete. Continue reading

Dinner From Anywhere – A Smartphone Controlled Crock-Pot

shutterstock_81704944In a fast paced world, it can be hard to find time to cook a nice meal. Between the job, family, kids, and everything else that demands our attention, it’s no wonder that so many people only find time for takeout and microwavable meals; not the time-consuming alternatives that they’d prefer. Thanks to Belkin’s new smartphone-controlled Crock-Pot, technology has just opened up a new opportunity for members of your community to enjoy slow cooked meals as conveniently as they can order a pizza.  Continue reading

Using Technology to Overcome Barriers in Your Community

shutterstock_119975335These days the majority of households have a computer and Internet access in their homes. Is your HOA taking advantage of that? More and more communities are discovering just how much a properly built and maintained website can be an asset to both property managers, boards and residents, saving time and energy for both, and making interaction between the two that much quicker and easier.  Continue reading