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The Challenge With Some Community Members

TipsRunning an HOA is challenging, especially when community members are difficult. The best way to overcome these challenges is through good communication between the board and residents. When there is good communication, residents understand the rules and reasons, and they are more inclined to come speak when they have a comment or suggestion. Continue reading

Why Paying Bills Online is SO Cool

shutterstock_113037799Not so long ago, online payments seemed like a strange, foreign thing that made people very nervous. Send my money online? How do I know it’ll really get there? How do I know I can trust the people with whom I have to share my financial info? Why can’t I just send a check? Nowadays, most people have gotten over their anxiety about online bill pay, and many HOAs have started accepting online payments. Continue reading

How Does Your Security Guard Stack Up?

security solutionsOne of the greatest things about living in an HOA is that many of them have their own security that monitors and protects the community. Safety is something that everyone values, and many people gladly pay the extra fees and costs associated with homeowners associations to get it. Continue reading

The Pros and Cons of Term Limits

shutterstock_188881994Should the community set term limits for board members? While most associations have given up on the idea these days, some states do still allow for communities to amend their bylaws to limit the number of consecutive terms a board member can serve. What are the pros and cons of adopting term limits? Are term limits something that your HOA should consider adopting?  Continue reading

Revoking Amenities for Delinquent Dues

shutterstock_88399096Collecting dues from residents who are behind on payment can be a constant struggle for HOAs, especially in tough economic times. While residents who plead financial hardship are often telling the truth (though the weak economy and a soft job market also provide a perfect excuse for residents who could pay, but have chosen not to), non-payment of dues still costs HOAs money that needs to be spent on the upkeep of the community. Because of that, residents often need to be made to feel pressure that gets them to become current with their payments. One of the most common measures an HOA can take in these instances is revoking the use of amenities. If used effectively, taking away amenities is a great way to encourage residents who are behind on their payments to get back in the association’s good graces.  Continue reading

Hold Your Board Meeting Where Everyone Can Attend

shutterstock_141258646States across the nation are adopting new regulations that require HOAs to hold their board meetings in places that are accessible by the disabled. Florida has current legislation pending that would require all meetings to be held in handicap accessible buildings, and other states already have or are considering similar legislation. Whether your state is considering making these regulations a formal law or not, now is the time for HOAs to take the opportunity to make sure that its meetings can be attended by all members of the community.  Continue reading

Why Reserve Funds are Necessary

shutterstock_113313148No one likes to spend their hard-earned money on community association dues. Just like taxes, everyone complains about having to pay them and resents it when they go up. Sometimes an HOA will try to please their residents by avoiding fee increases and dipping into their reserve funds to cover a rise in costs. As attractive an option as this may seem, it is one that sacrifices long term planning for short term comfort. Not only that, but depleting the reserve fund in the name of saving residents money is often a road to costing them even more money when an emergency happens.  Continue reading

How Preventative Maintenance Will Save Time in the End

shutterstock_181813376It’s easy to treat preventative maintenance as an afterthought. It’s much harder to worry about problems that haven’t happened as opposed to those that have already occurred. Preventative care also requires planning time and resources that can be in short supply for many HOAs. Still, keeping up with preventative maintenance is an important task that every community should make time for in order to save both time and money.  Continue reading

Marijuana and the Impact on Community Associations

marijuana-prohibition-sign-shutterstockAs public perception of marijuana changes and more states enact different forms of legalization, HOAs are struggling with how to adjust to this new reality. While both medicinal and recreational use of the drug is becoming broadly accepted, some are still very strongly against it, especially among older populations. And, in condos and other shared buildings, the smoke can be an irritant that causes friction between neighbors. How should communities deal with the issue of marijuana?              Continue reading