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Pros and Cons of Video Taping HOA Meetings

shutterstock_98559113In some states, such as Florida, it is legal for residents to film community association meetings. While there are many benefits to this, there are also some disadvantages as well. Consider the pros and cons of having your association meetings recorded and create regulations to help prevent misuse of recordings. Continue reading

The Budget Busters of 2015

Piggy-bankA new year is coming, which means it is time for planning out new budgets. Careful budget planning is incredibly important for a community association, as it determines how much money they will have to collect from residents and what projects and services it will be able to complete. Continue reading

How to Avoid Common HOA Lawsuits

shutterstock_56415409Lawsuits are an unfortunate and inevitable feature of modern business. That goes for institutions and incorporated entities like HOAs as well. While it’s unlikely that an HOA will be able to avoid all lawsuits entirely, there are steps they can take that will at least eliminate some of the possible lawsuits from ever happening.  Continue reading

The Extra Car

shutterstock_789993Many communities are dealing with a shortage of parking spaces. Finding a solution to the issue of where to fit residents’ cars can be a huge headache, and when it’s not handled properly it can cause even bigger ones. What can an HOA do to accommodate homeowners’ needs and regulate offenses without opening themselves up to even more trouble?  Continue reading

Why Reserve Funds are Necessary

shutterstock_113313148No one likes to spend their hard-earned money on community association dues. Just like taxes, everyone complains about having to pay them and resents it when they go up. Sometimes an HOA will try to please their residents by avoiding fee increases and dipping into their reserve funds to cover a rise in costs. As attractive an option as this may seem, it is one that sacrifices long term planning for short term comfort. Not only that, but depleting the reserve fund in the name of saving residents money is often a road to costing them even more money when an emergency happens.  Continue reading

Roberts Rules of Order

downloadIt’s always important that a Homeowner’s Association board functions properly. Without a working board, conducting business and setting policy becomes a difficult, if not downright impossible, task.Robert’s Rules are a set of guidelines based on basic parliamentary procedure that can be used to make sure your HOA board conducts its meetings in an orderly and fair manner.It’s important to put all members on the same footing with procedures, and give everyone a fair chance to have their voices heard in the discussion. Continue reading

Is An Executive Session the Way to Avoid Controversy?

HOA boards can often wrestle with an executive session when it is appropriate to go into one. There are certainly times when it is appropriate for board members to meet in private to discuss sensitive matters that should not be disclosed at public board meetings. However, boards can easily lose the trust of their community, or even be violating the law, if they move too many matters out of the public eye.

When Is an Executive Session Appropriate?

shutterstock_162776492The first thing to determine when considering moving into executive session is to know what the state’s law allows. Most states have some provision that allows for the board to meet and discuss matters privately under specific circumstances. However, some states (like Florida) completely disallow community matters being moved from public view, except in cases of attorney-client privilege. Continue reading