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Secret Ballots and Quorums in California

voteHOAs are run much like a democracy. The people within the community or board members vote on issues that affect the community, such as new rules. However, even people heavily involved with the HOA can find all the rules and regulations confusing, especially when there are state, local and association rules and laws to follow. To help you understand more about secret ballots and quorums in California, check out these three frequently asked questions. Continue reading

Electric Cars and HOA Living

electric-carElectric cars are becoming more and more popular thanks to their environmental benefits and because electricity is so much cheaper than gas. While more and more charging stations are popping up in various public places, such as stores, most people charge their electric cars at home, which is great if you have your own home, but for people living in apartments, it’s not easy to charge their electric cars. Continue reading

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Your HOA

workers_compensation_factsAs a community association, it may not seem that workers’ compensation is a necessary tool in your arsenal. However, to keep the neighborhood looking good, you probably hire outside vendors, such as contractors, landscapers, etc. If this is the case, you need to protect your HOA with workers’ compensation in case someone is injured while working for you. Continue reading