3 Characteristics of Great Leasing Consultants

A good leasing consultant is a must to make your community stand out above the rest. Of course, not just anyone can be a great leasing consultant. Check out these three characteristics all amazing leasing consultants have.

They Respect Customers as People

It’s easy for anyone selling anything to stop seeing customers as people and start seeing them as dollar signs. However, a good leasing consultant continues to view customers as humans who have their own problems, needs and wants. When you remember that customers are people, you are more likely to gear your product toward real people, which make it more likely for them to choose you. It’s important to speak with the customer. Ask them questions, so you know what is valuable to them. That way, you can ensure you are selling value to them instead of making them waste their money on a house that isn’t right for them or a neighborhood that is the wrong fit.

They Are Determined to Succeed

Leasing consultants face a lot of rejection, which can destroy their motivation. However, a great leasing consultant doesn’t let those failures stop them. They are determined to succeed. Even when someone says, “no,” they don’t let that bother them.

They keep trying with the next customer and the next. The best way to do this is to not take the rejection personally. It’s so easy to assume the customer is rejecting you and become dejected, but that isn’t the case. They are rejecting the product. As long as you don’t take it personally, you can keep moving.

They Know How to Follow Up

When you are a customer, you feel special. A salesperson will do anything to get your business. Leasing consultants are the same. They’ll do their best to impress you. However, after the transaction is done, many stop contacting the customer, which makes them feel pretty unimportant. It shows you only care about their business and not them. A great leasing consultant, however, follows up with customers to ensure they are still happy with their decision, which makes them feel important.

With these three traits, anyone can be a fantastic leasing consultant. They’ll do what’s necessary to make sure the customer feels like an appreciated individual instead of just a buck.

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