3 Benefits of Having an Architectural Review Committee

shutterstock_109936955HOAs often have many different committees to help maintain standards throughout the community. One possible committee is the architectural review committee, which helps homeowners understand what types of changes to their home and yard are, and are not, allowed. If you are considering starting an architectural review committee, check out these three benefits.

They Can Learn the Architectural Standards Inside and Out

The benefit of any HOA committee is that the committee members can take the time to learn a specific topic inside and out. This gives the residents and board a group of people who are authorities on the given topic, such as architectural standards. As a result, the rest of the board members don’t have to learn, memorize, debate and understand every little rule or regulation about architectural standards. The board, as a whole, can focus on the bigger picture, but the residents get the added benefit of still having experts (the committee members) to turn to when they have questions

An Architectural Review Committee Can Streamline Approvals

Understanding all the rules in the governing documents can be tricky, especially when some rules might be relative. For example, a rule that states “large yard decorations are not allowed” can be interpreted differently because “large” is a relative term. The architectural review committee can create a review process, so residents can submit their home/yard modifications for approval, which removes the risk of accidentally making inappropriate choices.

The Committee Keeps the Property Values High

The last benefit of a committee for architectural review is that it ensures the neighborhood property values stay high. You probably don’t want to live next to a neon pink house, and neither would most people. When wild modifications to homes cause them to stand out from others, it can cause property values to drop. Without an architectural review committee, some of these unapproved changes that could lower property value may go unnoticed unless someone complains, because the board may not have the time to examine every minor change. The committee, however, does have the time because that is their main role.

Committees are an important part of any HOA, and an architectural committee can help keep your neighborhood looking great. Plus, the committee acts as a resource for homeowners who may not fully understand the rules and regulations.

AssociationVoice offers a Community Solution that can allow role based access so committees can communicate exclusively to each other and who ever has a higher role.

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