Fundraising for a Holiday Cause

shutterstock_304427672Fundraising for a cause is always a heartwarming and noble goal, and the holidays are a great time to pull on people’s heartstrings and band together to raise money for a charity. If your community is looking for a good way to raise money for an organization, check out these three simple ideas.


You don’t need to wait for a sponsored walk-a-thon to help raise money for an organization. You just need to organize a neighborhood walk-a-thon around a holiday. You won’t want to hold it on the actual holiday because people will be busy with their families, but try to time it close to a holiday, such as the day after Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve. This way, there’s a greater chance of involving more people because residents may have family visiting. You can charge a small entry fee for the walk-a-thon or have people who aren’t walking pledge money.

Holiday Sale

People love spending money around the holidays, so create your own holiday sale. This option is perfect for the Christmas season because people will be buying presents, but you can do it for any holiday. One way to host your holiday sale is to hold a neighborhood sale. Like a neighborhood garage sale, you can gather neighbors together, but instead of selling their old used items, they can sell gift wrapping supplies, holiday decorations, holiday gifts or services (such as gift wrapping). To get your hands on items, contact local retailers about discounts on goods for your event.

Bake Sale

Another great idea that involves selling is a bake sale. Everyone loves dessert, especially around the holidays. You can have people bake their own items, or you can try to work with bakeries to get discounts on their baked goods. To raise money for your charity, you can donate a percentage of the sales. Another option is to offer a flat rate for the baked goods but give buyers the option of paying more for a donation to the charity. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from doing both to really help your cause.

During the holidays, people come together to help others. Get your neighborhood involved with a holiday event to raise money for a charity or cause. Everyone is sure to benefit and have fun.

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