Do You Have a Problem With Trees?

Trees can add beauty to any yard and create valuable shade as well as improve property value. However, when trees become too big, they can lead to aesthetic and more serious problems. If you have big trees in your community, check out these three facts that can help you understand more about them.

Big Trees Can Impact Viewsshutterstock_121735792

One of the most obvious problems with big trees is that they can obstruct a beautiful view. You may have purchased your home for the breathtaking view of the rolling hills, river, etc. However, as the trees in your yard or your neighbor’s yard grow, they overshadow and block your amazing view. This is a common problem in neighborhoods with HOAs. The communities rely on their beauty to attract and keep homebuyers, but overhanging, obstructive trees can repel buyers, which is why HOAs often have rules regarding trimming or removing big trees.

Topping Is Common but Not a Wise Solution

One common way to control big trees is topping. Topping means cutting back tree branches, but it often removes 50 to 100 percent of the leaf-bearing crown of a tree. As a result, the tree suffers because it may not be able to get enough sunlight, or branches not used to sunlight might get too much. There are better alternatives to topping. One is drop-crotching, which reduces the tree’s size while keeping its natural shape. Your best bet, however, is to care for the tree from the start by properly pruning it as it grows to promote good branch structure.

Trees Can Cause Serious Problems

When you have a big tree in your yard, don’t just worry about the part you see. Worry about the part you don’t see too: the roots. Think of the roots almost like a mirror image of the branches because they need just as much space as the branches do. If your house is too close, the branches can actually penetrate your foundation or the pipes outside your home. Another problem with a big tree is that if it isn’t getting enough water to survive, it might actually attack your water pipes or sewer system to get what it needs.

Before planting a tree or buying a house, always do your research to determine how big they can get and what kind of damage it can do or may have done. This is the best way to avoid future problems and complaints.

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