4 HOA Security Mishaps

shutterstock_212703877Communities with HOAs like to boast about their security, but too many HOAs make common security mistakes that waste money or are just ineffective. If your HOA security isn’t up to snuff, check out these four common problems and how to avoid them.

Failing to Conduct an Audit

Perhaps the biggest mistake HOAs make when it comes to security is not conducting an audit of the neighborhood. Without a good audit, how are you supposed to know what is and is not working? Before you can really make a security plan, you need to conduct an audit and look for vital assets, exposures, vulnerabilities, threats and what is already working to protect the community. Only then can you start creating a plan.

Not Following a Plan

Speaking of a security plan, not following one is another big security mishap. When you don’t have a good security plan, it’s too easy to implement wrong changes. For example, you choose to invest in some CCTV cameras, but you don’t have anyone to watch them. Another problem with not having, or following, a plan is that the HOA starts making hasty decisions that don’t really fix a problem. Before long, people aren’t even sure why some rules are in place because they no longer make sense.

Forgetting About Environmental Design

There are some environmental changes you can make to help increase security. By using planned environmental design, you make it harder for criminals to hide. One good environmental change is to install more street lights to reduce the number of shadowy hiding places. Another good example is to reduce the amount of shrubbery in yards, especially in darkened areas. It’s easy for criminals to hide behind these shrubs and case the area.

Relying Too Much on One Measure

Another problem is that some HOAs rely too much on just one measure. Your security plan should include a variety of steps taken to protect the neighborhood. A common example of this is neighborhoods that only rely on CCTVs to catch criminals. While CCTV cameras may be a good piece of the security puzzle, they shouldn’t be the only solution. As another example of an incomplete solution, a neighborhood may have a fence, but unless there is a gate with a guard, anyone can still enter the community.

Everyone wants to live in a secure neighborhood, and HOAs have the ability to make it happen, but only if they create a good plan and stick to it. With a good plan that has multiple security measures, your neighborhood is sure to remain safe and sound.

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