Dealing With Dog Waste in Your Community

A beautiful neighborhood isn’t so beautiful when there’s dog waste on every lawn. Dog owners have a responsibility to shutterstock_164978483clean up after their pets, but that doesn’t mean they actually do it. Your community can help by reminding dog owners of their responsibility.

Create a Policy

The first way to convince dog owners to clean up after their pets is to create a community policy that requires them to clean up their dog’s waste. There may even already be something written about cleaning up after pets in the rules and regulations. Make sure everyone knows the policy. You can post signs in common areas, send out email reminders and even post it on the HOA website. If there is a policy in place, and homeowners are aware of it, they are more likely to clean up after their pet.

Enforce the Policy

Of course, there’s no point in creating a policy if you aren’t going to enforce it. It may be difficult to know who isn’t cleaning up after their dog, but if the HOA does get wind of someone who hasn’t been following the policy, you need to take action.

You may simply want to give the owner a warning the first time they violate the policy, but fines are usually the best way to deal with repeat offenders. Just make sure you always enforce the policy and stay consistent. If you choose to give a warning on the first offense, you need to give everyone that first warning. If you are unsure who isn’t cleaning up after their dog, a friendly reminder to the entire community may help.

Hire a Collection Company

If there are a lot of dogs in your community, or if there are a lot of wild animals, you may want to hire a professional collection company. A good collection company won’t just clean up the waste for you, they’ll also help educate your community on proper waste elimination and its impact on the environment.

Nobody wants their neighborhood overrun with dog waste. With an enforced dog-waste policy, residents are more likely to clean up after their pets. However, when all else fails, professional collection companies can help. With a professional collection company, your neighborhood is sure to be free of waste, making it more pleasant for everyone.

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