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How secure is your community?

In today’s hyper tech savvy world the advantages to having technology implemented in as many areas as it can, is a constantly growing list.  One of the more major breakthroughs is the easy to manage access control systems.  It is shutterstock_279694013something that allows no one without permission onto the premises but also tracks the entrance and exit habits of those that have it.  It can be used to provide accurate data to assist with the staffing needs of the community or to help create time windows for opportune maintenance.  It takes the control with visitor management to a whole new level and can prevent un-wanted guests or solicitors with ease.  The implementation of guest pass fees can even create an additional revenue stream for the community.

With AssociationVoice’s Access Management integration option all these features and more are available to you.  You can track visitors, limit visitors’ schedules, keep records of residents’ cars and implement automatic gates that correspond to the transponders or license plate numbers.  You can monitor guest lists and limit amenities or maintenance access as you see fit.  Security staff at more than one location can communicate seamlessly through the integrated software about who has entered the community and who has been added to personal guest lists, and even which security agent hasn’t checked in at appointed perimeter maps.  Its functions are limitless and can benefit any community at some level.

How to Use Association Funds Wisely

shutterstock_131090588Association funds are the lifeblood of any HOA. They are used to help maintain and run the community. Managing the finances of an HOA can seem complicated, but if the association understands the different types of funds and what they should be used for, allocating the funds goes much smoother.

HOA Dues

HOA dues are paid by the homeowners within the community. This money is how the neighborhood pays for necessary Continue reading

Pool Season Is Over: Tips for Closing Outdoor Pools

shutterstock_68920123As the weather gets colder, no one wants to go swimming in a chilly outdoor pool. If you or your community has a pool, it’s time to shut it down for the fall and winter seasons. Check out these tips on how to properly winterize your pool, so it will be good to go when the sunshine returns.

Get the Pool Clean

Before you start getting your pool ready for winter, clean it. Remove any debris and bugs. A pool skimmer can get rid of the items floating on the surface of the pool, but for smaller debris on the bottom and side of the pool, a pool vacuum works best. Make sure to do a final cleaning when you are going to close it for winter. If you wait even a day, more debris will build up in the pool. Continue reading

What Animals Does Your HOA Prohibit?

It’s not uncommon for HOAs to allow cats and dogs within the community. Sometimes there are weight limitations, but they are usually allowed in detached-unit communities. However, more and more people want to raise chickens in their community to take advantage of their many benefits, such as fresh eggs and fertilizer. If you are interested in keeping chickens, you’ll need to make sure your HOA allows it first.shutterstock_273444644

Check the Rules

First and foremost, check Continue reading

How to Decorate for Halloween

Decorating for Halloween can be a lot of fun, but being forced to remove those decorations because they break HOA rules is definitely not fun. Avoid breaking the rules altogether by following these three simple steps. You’ll still have a yard that is Halloween-ready, but you won’t have to tear anything down at the last minute.shutterstock_283016600

Check the HOA Guidelines First

Always check the HOA guidelines first to see what they say about holiday decorations. If you Continue reading