Cleaning up After a Summer Storm

Just like any storm, a summer storm can cause severe damage to homes and surrounding areas. The downed trees, debris and damaged buildings can leave the neighborhood in disarray. Summer floods can even cause severe water damage. That’s why getting out there and cleaning up after a summer storm is so important.

What Damage Does a Summer Storm Cause?Protect your Home against summer storms

Depending on the type and severity, summer storms can cause a lot of different damage. Minor damage may include tossed debris, such as limbs and garbage, but the damage may be worse, including broken windows, roof damage, damage to landscaping and much more. Most HOAs will have guidelines regarding how fast this damage needs to be dealt with to ensure the neighborhood is kept looking great.

Tips for Cleaning Up After a Storm

The best tip for cleaning up after a storm is to stay safe. You want start cleaning up right away, but never endanger yourself. If you think your roof might have severe damage, don’t walk on it. If you are unsure about what to do, or don’t feel safe, contact a professional before you do anything. Don’t be afraid to get help and give help. If your neighbor is having trouble with something, but you know you can do it, give a hand. Similarly, if you can’t move a downed tree on your own, ask for help.

How to Get the Community Involved

It’s a good idea to get the community involved in the cleanup, especially for shared areas. Organize a team to lead the cleanup and have them request volunteers or donations to help. If you turn it into a community event, people will be more willing to get involved. Deep down, everyone wants their neighborhood to look good, so they will be willing to offer assistance. They just may not be willing to be the leader, which is why crafting a storm-recovery team can help.

What About Professional Services?

In some cases, you may choose to get professional services involved. In fact, it may be necessary. For example, if a downed tree caused power lines to fall, you’ll need to contact the power company to properly deal with them. Some HOAs may choose to have other work done by professionals, such as removing big collapsed trees. If these services aren’t free and they are done in common areas, the residents will have to pay for it. The reserve funds may have enough money to pay for any repairs, but if not, special assessments will be needed.

A storm can be a devastating experience, and the stress doesn’t stop when the storm is over. Cleaning up is important to return life to normal, and make your community look great again.

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