Need Some Community Event Ideas?

The best part of living in a community association is that it is a community. Hosting events is a great way to help promote that community feel. It lets residents get to know each other, and even generates some money for the association.

Block PartyCommunity Event Ideas

Throwing a block party for the HOA is a great idea because who doesn’t love a good party? This is a great way to create a fun and relaxed atmosphere that gets people to interact with other residents whom they may not know. It creates a community feeling that continues to stick around even after the party ends. When planning the block party, try to get as many residents as possible to volunteer. For example, if someone in the neighborhood plays in a band, consider asking them to provide the entertainment.

Garage Sale

Don’t just hold a small garage sale. Hold a giant garage sale that incorporates the entire association. For this type of event, you can either have everyone hold their own individual garage sales at their own homes on the same day, or you could create a single big central garage sale. This collaboration isn’t just about getting the community to interact. It can also be about making money if the residents are willing to donate the items or some (or all) of the money to the HOA.

Seasonal Contests

The seasons always put people in happy, festive moods, and contests are a great way to promote interaction between people, so why not combine the two. Potential contests include a Christmas light show or pumpkin decorating contest. You can even charge residents an entry fee, or invite individuals from surrounding neighborhoods for a small fee.

Hobby Show

If you’re having a hard time getting residents to interact, hold a hobby show. Nothing can get a conversation going between two strangers like a shared hobby. The entire thing can become like a mini fair (minus the rides). People can sell their crafts or teach lessons, and the hobbies can range from car repair to basket weaving. As people spot other neighbors who share their interests, they are sure to start talking.

Treasure Hunt

Although this idea can work for adults too, it’s especially perfect for kids. Create clues and maps that lead to the prize. Everyone will love the battle to make it to the end first. If you do choose to make a treasure hunt for the kids, consider including enough prizes at the end, so every kid can get something. For adults, just let the better man or woman claim the prize and get all the bragging rights.

With these community events, you are sure to delight your residents. The key to a good event, however, is that it promotes interaction. Neighbors who interact and know each other help create more pleasant neighborhoods.

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