Top 10 Qualities to Have as a Community Manager

Being a community manager is a difficult job, and you have to wear many hats. To be successful, a good community manager must have many different skills. These are the top 10 qualities all community managers should have.

Communicationqualities to have as a community manager

A community manager communicates with a lot of people: residents, vendors and the board. As a result, you need to have great communication skills, which allow you to articulate your thoughts and feelings clearly and without causing confusion.

Listening Skills

Besides being able to communicate with others, the community manager must be able to actively listen, especially to homeowners. As a community manager, you’ll deal with a lot of people’s concerns, and having the ability to listen means you can really understand what they are trying to say, even when they’re too mad to form a coherent sentence.


When someone does voice a concern or problem regarding the HOA, the community manager must actually do something about it. Residents don’t want problems fixed later. They want them fixed now, which can be difficult with so many other items on the community manager’s plate, but a good community manager can balance these issues to get them done quickly.


As a community manager, you’re a human being, just like all the residents in the HOA. So, when something arises, it’s easy to put your own preference ahead of the pack. However, as a community manager, you work for the good of the association and must be able to set aside your personal feelings to do what is best for the community as a whole.


Community managers get yelled at and are forced to deal with angry residents. However, even when being yelled at or treated poorly, the community manager must always be professional. Don’t get frustrated and start shoving back because it will only infuriate the other person more. Instead, remain professional and calm, and eventually, the other person will calm down too.


Of course, to run a homeowners association, the community manager must have knowledge about HOAs, rules and regulations. They must know how the system works, and be conscientious of state and federal laws regarding associations.

Desire to Learn

Besides coming to the table with previous knowledge, the community manager must be willing to learn more. The world of HOAs is constantly evolving and laws are always changing. The community manager must have the desire to continue learning about HOAs, finances and anything else related to running the community.


While you won’t have homeowners watching you work on a daily basis, you do need to be prepared for when someone wants to know what you’re doing. The community manager’s job should be transparent, so residents can understand how their neighborhood is being run.


A community manager is the leader of the community, so you need to be able to make good decisions and make residents want to follow you. With great leadership skills, residents are more willing to trust you and listen to your decisions or input.


As the leader, it’s your job to accept accountability. Even when something goes wrong, and you feel it wasn’t your fault, or you argued against it, you are ultimately responsible, and residents will like the fact that you don’t try to pass the buck to someone else.

The job of community manager is actually many jobs rolled into one, which is why so many skills are necessary. With these ten qualities, any community manager can succeed in creating a desirable place to live.

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