Series: How to Communicate With Your Residents

Method # 3 – Over Social Media

Social media is one of the least preferred communication methods by HOA residents, especially among residents 45 and up. Except for residents 18 to 24, it is the least popular communication method, but it’s still important to have a social media presence and be able to communicate via social media, so, in this series, we’ll look at successful communication via social media.HOA Resident Communication over social media

Social Media Is Growing in Popularity

Social media communication is still a turnoff for older residents, but the younger generation prefers it over home phone and work phone communication. They even almost prefer it as much as communication via the HOA website. As social media becomes more popular and relevant, it will continue to be more well-received by residents, and while it may never be the preferred communication method, it is sure to wipe out landline communication. Therefore, it’s important for an HOA to have a solid social media presence.

Great Way to Share Information

Social media is an excellent way to share information about the HOA. Plus, it puts it all in one easy-to-find location. Not only that, however, because social media is social, it allows anyone who finds the information interesting to share it. Instead of just reaching the homeowners, a post on an HOA website may reach people who have never even heard of the association.

Make It Fun

One of the greatest things about social media is that homeowners can decide if they want to read the information or not, and they can do it on their own time. However, this is also a drawback, especially if the information is boring. An HOA Facebook page that just posts information about upcoming repairs or events isn’t very interesting. It’s best to go above and beyond and share related information the residents may enjoy. For example, if many of the homeowners enjoy DIY projects, post links about DIY projects. This way, homeowners aren’t just looking at the site for information about the association, they are using it as a fun resource for something they enjoy.

Highlight the Best Features of the HOA

A social media page can become a commercial for the HOA, showing why it’s fun to live there. Not only can this make current residents more excited, but it can also attract potential homeowners. Don’t just post about an upcoming community event, post pictures and share stories that show why the event was a success.

Social media may not be as popular as email, voice or text communication, but it is an important tool when used correctly. Download our free e-book to learn more and turn your social media presence into one that residents want to experience.

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