Series: How to Communicate With Your Residents

HOA resident email communicationMethod # 1 – Over Email

Clear communication with HOA residents is the cornerstone of a successful HOA, and there are many communication options available. In this series, we’ll look at three ways of effective communication, starting with email.

Residents Love Email Communications

Many property managers and HOA leaders may not realize how much residents prefer email communications. In fact, regardless of age, most residents prefer email communication over home phone and cellphone communication. Emails allow residents to see the information when they want to see it. Instead of being forced to talk to the property manager on the phone when they are busy, they can simply glance at the email when they have time, and if they forget some of the information, they can always go back and check it again.

Make Sure the Email Is Valuable

Before sending an email, however, it’s important to make sure it’s valuable to the reader. With all the junk email getting passed around, it’s too easy for residents to become annoyed if they receive something they feel is unimportant. A great way to determine if the emails are valuable is to look at the success of previous emails. For example, if an HOA sends out invitations to a community event via email, and hardly anyone actually RSVP’d, it’s probably a waste of time to do it again.

Give It a Good Subject Line

A good subject line lets the reader know exactly what the email is about and whether they need to take action. If an HOA is sending out a blurb about an upcoming block party, and they want residents to say if they’ll attend, a good subject line would be “Upcoming block party on July 4th – your response needed.” This lets the residents know exactly what the email is about and that they should read it because a response is needed. On the other hand, an email that just says “community event” isn’t as interesting.

Messenger Services Make Communication Simple

Messenger services, like the one available from Association Voice, make sending emails to residents straightforward and easy. Property managers can send emails to targeted groups, and if a resident doesn’t have an email address, it can even create a mailing label.

Email is a fantastic way to communicate with residents, but only if they actually read the email. Use our communication messenger service to target specific homeowners, making it easy to ensure you send out relevant information to the right residents.

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