HOA Top Security Issues

Successful HOAs provide unparalleled security and safety for homeowners. Unfortunately, there are many security pitfalls that associations can fall into. Check out these four top HOA security issues and how to avoid them.

Failing to Conduct a Security Auditsecurity

To fix any security issues, you have to know what works and what doesn’t, but too many communities fail to perform security audits. During a security audit, the property manager or board, tours the community and identifies potential vulnerabilities, such as a dark, hidden parking lot. When vulnerabilities are identified, the HOA can begin creating a solution to improve security and prevent danger. In the case of the dark parking lot, adding some lights or a CCTV camera are possible solutions.

Installing Security Measures That Don’t Work

In some cases, however, the security measures are just useless. They have to actually serve a purpose and be beneficial to the HOA. With the CCTV cameras, for example, you’re only wasting money if you have no one actually watching the feed. The idea of the cameras is to catch people in the act of committing a crime or breaking a rule. When implementing any security measure, consider its benefits and whether there is a way to improve upon it.

Forgetting to Plan

HOAs need to have a security plan, and they need to follow it. A good security plan helps the HOA make methodical and well-considered decisions instead of piecing fast fixes together with Band-Aids. Without a good plan, it’s too easy to make quick decisions that eventually don’t make sense. The entire system begins to grow like a tumor, and eventually, the HOA has weird rules and regulations that no one understands.

Another failure is to not get the residents involved in safety. This doesn’t just mean forming a neighborhood watch, which is a good idea. It also means building the community. By having community events and urging residents to get to know each other, the neighborhood gets a strong community feel and people are more likely to watch out for each other and their property.

Security is one of the top priorities for an HOA, so if your association is struggling with it, find security solutions now. With a secure HOA, residents are happier and more willing to stay.

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