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Considering Selling? Here are 5 Free Tips for Staging Your Home

A quick look around any home makes it clear that it is covered in style and décor that is personal to the family who lives there. Unfortunately, when selling a home, this is a huge pitfall. Homebuyers want to be able to see themselves living in the home, not the current homeowners. This is why properly staging a home to sell is a must. Check out these five complementary tips for staging a home.shutterstock_135590954

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Allowing Pets in a Community Increases Great Residents

People love their pets, but HOAs are still nervous about allowing them. However, while pets do come with some level of potential danger for the association, allowing them has many great benefits.shutterstock_143744773

Why Should HOAs Allow Pets?

People who own pets love their pets. Unlike in the past, when the dog was just the dog, today a pet is part of the family, and residents aren’t likely to give up their family members. Instead, if an HOA doesn’t allow pets, people will keep searching for one that does. If an HOA does allow pets, they increase their pool for prospective residents and make those residents happy. In turn, residents are less likely to move away.

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