Don’t Fall for These 3 Security Mistakes

Successful HOAs promise security for the residents. However, protecting an entire neighborhood is difficult, and it can be easy to get caught by pitfalls. Check out these three common security mistakes for associations, and learn some tips on how to avoid them.

Failing to Perform Audits

A neighborhood can seem safe on the surface, but when examined more closely, there are many danger areas. Routine audits help identify and eliminate these trouble zones. Some communities may think that one audit is enough, but that isn’t the case. Criminals evolve, and so should the HOA’s security measures. Taking routine audits throughout the year helps spot these vulnerable areas. Once identified, the board and association manager can take the necessary steps to implement new security measures.

Not Getting the Community Involved

The actual community is the number one resource an HOA has when it comes to security, so it’s a huge mistake not to take advantage of the homeowners. Get them involved, so that if they notice any suspicious activity, they report it. Consider having some residents trained to perform patrols, and get a neighborhood watch together. Help build the community by urging residents to get involved and get to know each other through community events, such as picnics, pool parties and garage sales. This does two things. First, it helps create that feeling of community, so people are more inclined to protect their community. Second, it detours criminals who prefer neighbors who keep to themselves.

Forgetting to Take Advantage of the Landscape

Criminals love dark, closed places in which they can hide, and neighborhoods that provide this environment for them are just giving them a helping hand. Create a landscape that is open, so neighbors can spot intruders next door. Trim shrubs and trees to create clear views. However, consider planting some low thorny shrubs to act as barriers and limit the number of entries and exits to and from a property. In addition, make sure to include lights, especially in vulnerable areas, such as parking lots. A well-lit neighborhood limits the number of shadowy places criminals can hide, even at night.

Everyone wants to live in a safe neighborhood, and HOAs have the power to help ensure their neighborhood is just a little more secure. These three mistakes may be some of the most common, but they are also easy to avoid.

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