2015 User Interface Upgrade

 Live on AssociationVoice sites 4/8/2015!

What’s New?
> Improved Editor
> Enhanced Calendar Views
> Updated Directory with Documents

The User Interface upgrade you’ve been waiting for is here and compatible on all browsers!


Improved Editor! 

Announcing the roll out of our new Kendo editor! We kept your favorite features of the editor and gave it a bit of a facelift with better functionality & cross-browser capability.

> You can now edit pages, calendar events, emails and more in all browsers (including Chrome and Safari).


OLD Editor Toolbar Options:




NEW Editor Toolbar Options:



Site Administrators: For detailed help instructions on the new editor, click here.



Enhanced Calendar Views!

With additional Calendar views it’s easy to stay on top of what is going on in your community.  

> Administrators can control calendar views and set defaults

> New display options include Day Timeline and a Week Timeline

> Add and edit events using our new Kendo editor


Old Calendar Options:                                                             NEW Upgraded Calendar Options:

Site Administrators: For detailed help instructions on the new editor, click here.


UPDATED Directory with One-to-One Document Upload!

The updated directory offers an enhanced look & feel with additional functionality.

> Easily identify which contacts belong to which accounts

> Upload images of residents – placeholder added for no image uploaded

Upload documents directly to a homeowner account like signed agreements, invoices, and violations to a specific account to help you and your staff stay digitally organized

> Enhanced user interface: Shading, Line Breaks, Removal of background graphic, Image upload

Updated Directory with Document Upload:










Site Administrators: For detailed help instructions on uploading documents and images in the new directory, click here.

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