Pros and Cons of Video Taping HOA Meetings

shutterstock_98559113In some states, such as Florida, it is legal for residents to film community association meetings. While there are many benefits to this, there are also some disadvantages as well. Consider the pros and cons of having your association meetings recorded and create regulations to help prevent misuse of recordings.

Pro: Accurate Information

The best thing about recording association meetings is that all the information is captured. One doesn’t have to rely on what the meeting minutes say or what you remember from the meeting. The video recording captures every word and every body movement, so there is a perfectly accurate file of what happened in that meeting.

Pro: Fast Information for Everyone

Board members are busy, so they may not get the minutes written up as quickly as homeowners would like. Recording is finished as soon as the meeting is over. It can be posted to the HOA website immediately after the meeting. This allows everyone in the HOA fast access to what happened at the meeting. This is also beneficial for residents who want to attend meetings but can’t make it due to a previous engagement.

Con: Ulterior Motives

In some cases, emotions get in the way of reason, and people may use video recordings to harass board members they don’t like. In worst case scenarios, some unruly residents may even edit the recorded information to make it look as if a board member said something they didn’t in an effort to attack that member.

Con: Leaked Information

In your board meetings, you may not be discussing issues of national security, but you are discussing private information about your HOA. This is information that should only be known by residents within the association. Having the information recorded increases the chance of the information getting leaked. Perhaps a disgruntled member posts it on YouTube or another public forum. All kinds of private information could be exposed. Even something as simple as a board member announcing they are missing the next meeting due to a vacation can be dangerous as it lets thieves know the homeowner will be away.

Like anything, recording board meetings has its own pros and cons. If you do live in a state that allows residents to record board meetings, create rules and regulations regarding how the information is used, so you can take action in the event the recording is misused.

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