Tips for Effective Neighborhood Security

shutterstock_71294035A pleasant HOA has effective neighborhood security to ensure residents and their belongings are kept safe and secure. Unfortunately, protecting an entire neighborhood takes a lot of work. If you want to improve your neighborhood security, consider these three tips.

Evaluate Your Current Security System

Before the community can beef-up your security, needs to know your current security model. This helps understand which pieces are working and which are not working. Look for areas in which can be improved, such as blind spots from your cameras or failing to have someone constantly monitoring the camera feed.

Learn what is happening in the rest of the city or nearby neighborhoods in regard to theft or vandalism. Local news feeds are a great way to learn what problems may need to watched out for. For example, if car break-ins are increasing, use this information to improve security for residents’ cars.

Get the Residents Involved in Security

One of the best ways to help improve security is to have HOA residents help. Not only is this free, but because they are protecting their own property and community, they are more inclined to do their best to report suspicious activity. If there isn’t a current neighborhood watch, or the current one is sub-par, get residents trained and urge them to watch out for each other.

Another way the community association residents can do is patrol the neighborhood. Work with local law enforcement to help train and authorize residents. Have them walk or drive through the neighborhood an hour a week to spot unwanted activity.

Make Your Association a Community

The last way to help boost your association’s security is by ensuring the neighborhood has a feeling of community. Neighborhood activities are a great way to improve this feeling of community, and it does two things to help security. First, as residents get to know each other, they are more likely to look out for each other.

At the same time, this feeling of community keeps thieves away. They know that a community which watches out for each other is well-guarded, which makes stealing or vandalizing more difficult. As a result, they are more likely to move on and avoid your neighborhood for fear of getting caught.

These three tips are excellent ways to give the HOA a security makeover, and a secure association is more likely to attract potential home buyers. Through getting the residents involved and making your association a community, you are sure to reduce crime.

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