The Downside of Living in a Highrise

shutterstock_136490300Living in a huge high-rise building in the middle of a busy city may seem glamorous, but there are some serious cons about living there. Check out these five disadvantages about living in those fancy high-rise apartment buildings.

Limited Privacy

If you live in a high-rise, you live with hundreds of other people, which means privacy is limited. Sure, you have some privacy in your apartment, but with thin walls, even the privacy of your own home isn’t truly private. This is a serious downside for people who enjoy their privacy and don’t like greeting neighbors.

Getting in and out takes Time

If you live on the first few floors of your high-rise apartment, it’s no problem, but if you live on one of the higher floors, reaching your home and getting to the street takes time, and if you are carrying heavy groceries, furniture or bags, it quickly becomes a nightmare. The elevator may not always be available and even if it is, you can’t use it to move furniture and it still takes a long time to reach your floor.

Noisy Neighbors

Everyone is bothered by a noisy neighbor at least once in a while, but when you live in a high-rise building, you have tons of neighbors all around you, so the potential for noise is increased. Not only do you have to put up with noise next to you and across from you, but you have to listen to barking, shouting and stomping from neighbors above and below you too. With so many people living in one space, it’s nearly impossible to keep everyone quiet.

Limited Outdoor Space

For many people, the limited access to outdoor space is a major turnoff to those living in a high-rise building. Unlike with homes and some condos and low-rise apartments, you do not have a yard. Some have balconies or outdoor fire escapes on which it is possible to build vertical gardens, but for hard core gardeners, it may not be enough, and many apartments may not offer any private outdoor space at all.

Higher Cost

Many high-rise apartments, especially in the trendy neighborhoods  that renters desire, come with luxurious amenities, beautiful views of the city and are within walking distance of many shops, restaurants and bars. Unfortunately, because of these advantages high-rise apartments are often more expensive than other options, making them a poor choice for renters on a budget or with a family to support.

High-rise apartments are definitely not for everyone. If the disadvantages outweigh the advantages, it’s best to choose something closer to the ground with more privacy and outdoor space.

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