The Challenge With Some Community Members

TipsRunning an HOA is challenging, especially when community members are difficult. The best way to overcome these challenges is through good communication between the board and residents. When there is good communication, residents understand the rules and reasons, and they are more inclined to come speak when they have a comment or suggestion.

Promote Communication

To have good communication, the board needs to find ways to promote communication. Here are some of the best ways to make your residents want to join in on the conversation:

  • Have a community association website were you post information
  • Post the HOA board meeting minutes on the website, so residents can see what is being discussed
  • Create a social media presence and use it to post information about the community happenings as well as fun and interactive information to make residents more interested in reading the posts

Through these actions, residents have an understanding of the decisions and choices being made, which generates the desire to voice their own opinion, thus promoting communication.

Get Community Members Involved

Getting residents involved solidifies that feeling of community. Encourage them to run for a position on the board, post surveys on the website to get their opinions and ask for feedback. If a resident feels their opinion matters, they will share it in a healthy and constructive way, instead of becoming a challenge.

Post Rules and Regulations Clearly

Ensuring that residents understand the rules and the reasons behind the rules is key. If a resident doesn’t know the rules, they are more likely to break them. Similarly, when residents know the reason behind the rule, they feel included instead of like a child being told what to do by a parent. Provide the rules to all new homeowners and post them on the community association website in a logical and easy-to-find location.

Be Proactive

If there is something coming down the road, let residents know. When residents are updated on an upcoming event or potential annoyances, such as construction, they appreciate it and will return the favor.

By improving communication within residents, there is less of a challenge from community members. Instead of feeling like the board is ordering members and residents around along with telling them what to do, they feel like part of the community and want to see it thrive.

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