Stop, Drop, and Cook On!

1406818271--640x360xdrop_header.jpg.pagespeed.ic.THV6iVMSKNThe holidays are coming! That means it’s time for potlucks, family get-togethers, and lots and lots of cooking. Many HOAs will be having community potlucks, giving residents a chance to show off their cooking skills and share tasty recipes with their neighbors. For anyone who wants to take part in these annual events but is worried that their cooking skills aren’t quite up to standard, there’s a new piece of technology, Drop (, that will help them find great recipes, prepare them to perfection, and then share them with the world.

Step-By-Step Preparation

So what does drop do?

  • It lets you look up new recipes
  • Gives you step-by-step preparation instructions
  • And allows you to share your completed masterpieces on social media

Anyone who has failed to complete a difficult recipe or been afraid to branch out in their cooking will know what a useful tool this is. It’s one thing to find a new recipe, it’s another thing entirely to pull it off successfully and prepare it just right.

Drop not only has a giant database of tasty recipes to browse and choose from, it also gives precise, step-by-step instructions and guidance on each step of preparation. Want to know how those onions need to be sliced? Drop will tell you. How do you know the oil’s hot enough? Drop will let you know. It even gives you advice on substitutions that can be made, and whether or not swapping out ingredients will affect the recipe.

HOA Potlucks

If your HOA holds holiday potlucks or other get-togethers, Drop is the perfect accessory for this year’s neighborhood party. By getting together a group of volunteers, having them look up recipes together, assigning each person their own dish to make, and then having them use Drop, the whole neighborhood will be able to enjoy a bunch of exciting new dishes cooked to perfection that they might not have otherwise been able to try.

Drop is another example of great new pieces of technology helping communities get together, share, and become closer. In the spirit of the holidays, consider having your HOA look into drop and using it to help organize an event. If it works out, it can be used for many neighborhood parties to come.

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