Keep Your Lawn Green Without Breaking The Bank



Keeping the lawn green is a challenge that has vexed homeowners for generations. There have been countless hours spent sweating, fretting, and worrying about how to get a perfectly green lawn, and yet many still can’t seem to get it right. For everyone who has ever worried about how to keep their lawn healthy and thriving, we’ve put together some helpful tips to successfully (and cheaply) conquer the battle of the lawn.


Tips To Keep The Lawn Green

  • Mow Frequently — mowing your lawn frequently will force the grass to become tougher, keeping out weeds and making it more resilient. Make sure to keep your mower blades sharp, though. Cutting with dull blades can damage grass and make it more susceptible to disease.
  • Don’t Cut It Too Short — longer grass has longer roots, and longer roots can reach moisture deep down in the dirt even during a hot, dry summer. If you want your grass to develop a strong root system, set your lawn mower blades to the tallest setting. Since the first step was mowing frequently, keeping your grass taller won’t mean your lawn getting out of control.
  • Water Deeply— if a lawn is watered deeply and infrequently, it will grow a deeper, sturdier root system. Watering daily encourages the growth of short roots, and ends up wasting a lot of water to boot.
  • Water in the Morning —if you water during the day (especially during summer), much of the water will be lost to evaporation. If you water during evening or at night, the grass will take longer to dry, and prolonged dampness can lead to disease.
  • Don’t Over Apply The Fertilizer — applying fertilizer will definitely help the lawn grow thicker and stronger, but putting on too much will cause the lawn to grow too long and too thick, which makes it harder to control. Fertilizer can take a long time to fully dissolve and be absorbed; let the batch you’ve already laid down do its job before adding more.

Green Lawns, Beautiful Yards

Maintaining a green lawn during the hot summer is always a challenge. With these tips, you can hopefully meet the challenge without having to empty your wallet in the process.

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