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Hold Your Board Meeting Where Everyone Can Attend

shutterstock_141258646States across the nation are adopting new regulations that require HOAs to hold their board meetings in places that are accessible by the disabled. Florida has current legislation pending that would require all meetings to be held in handicap accessible buildings, and other states already have or are considering similar legislation. Whether your state is considering making these regulations a formal law or not, now is the time for HOAs to take the opportunity to make sure that its meetings can be attended by all members of the community.  Continue reading

What Does Your HOA Insurance Cover?

HOA insurance offers protection that many community associations probably wouldn’t be able to survive without. Without coverage, the cost of repairs, injuries, and other expenses would put many communities irreversibly into the red. That is why understanding what HOA insurance covers, and how your policy choice can affect what your coverage, is incredibly important in order for communities to plan for the costs they may incur.  Continue reading

Why Reserve Funds are Necessary

shutterstock_113313148No one likes to spend their hard-earned money on community association dues. Just like taxes, everyone complains about having to pay them and resents it when they go up. Sometimes an HOA will try to please their residents by avoiding fee increases and dipping into their reserve funds to cover a rise in costs. As attractive an option as this may seem, it is one that sacrifices long term planning for short term comfort. Not only that, but depleting the reserve fund in the name of saving residents money is often a road to costing them even more money when an emergency happens.  Continue reading

How Preventative Maintenance Will Save Time in the End

shutterstock_181813376It’s easy to treat preventative maintenance as an afterthought. It’s much harder to worry about problems that haven’t happened as opposed to those that have already occurred. Preventative care also requires planning time and resources that can be in short supply for many HOAs. Still, keeping up with preventative maintenance is an important task that every community should make time for in order to save both time and money.  Continue reading

Marijuana and the Impact on Community Associations

marijuana-prohibition-sign-shutterstockAs public perception of marijuana changes and more states enact different forms of legalization, HOAs are struggling with how to adjust to this new reality. While both medicinal and recreational use of the drug is becoming broadly accepted, some are still very strongly against it, especially among older populations. And, in condos and other shared buildings, the smoke can be an irritant that causes friction between neighbors. How should communities deal with the issue of marijuana?              Continue reading

Is Your Community Ready for an Emergency?

shutterstock_141258646When a disaster strikes, a community working together can help mitigate the damage and keep residents safe. While every resident and family should also have their own emergency plan in place, an emergency is a time for a neighborhood to come together and help each other. Here are some helpful tips for your community to help everyone be prepared during an emergency. Continue reading

The Doormat that Turns on the TV

smartmat-benefit-25Would you have use for a doormat that could turn your lights on before you even enter the house? Or, would you like a text to notify you that the kids are home? Maybe, you’d enjoy a text to let you know when a package has arrived. Right now on Kickstarter, there’s a pledge drive for a new product called SmartMat, which does all that and more. If SmartMat is an indication of things to come, it is part of a wave of new technology. This technology will change how you interact with electronics around your house and will also help make the community more secure. Continue reading

Smoking Bans in HOAs

No SmokingAcross the country, more and more HOAs are instituting strict smoking bans. Some bans restrict smoking only to designated areas, while others have gone so far as to completely ban smoking anywhere on association grounds. Many are applauding the stricter standards as a step that improves the quality of life for residents. Continue reading