Using Technology to Overcome Barriers in Your Community

shutterstock_119975335These days the majority of households have a computer and Internet access in their homes. Is your HOA taking advantage of that? More and more communities are discovering just how much a properly built and maintained website can be an asset to both property managers, boards and residents, saving time and energy for both, and making interaction between the two that much quicker and easier. 

The Benefits of a Community Website

Of all the benefits of using the web, the greatest may be how efficient it can make conducting business and communication. A website for your association isn’t just a way to advertise your community, but also an incredibly useful hub of information and resources. When used to its fullest, a community website can become a valuable resource that streamlines and simplifies daily operations.

Here are just some of the ways your community can benefit from going online:

  • Make Assessments Payable Online: Setting up a payment page for community assessments and fees creates an option for residents to pay their fees day or night, at their own convenience.
  • Save on Postage and Printing: Why spend the time and resources on printing and distributing newsletters, announcements, and other fliers and documents when you can simply post them all to a community website bulletin board? Management will save time and resources, and residents will have a one-stop location where they can easily find all the information they need.
  • Cut Down Call Volume: Just by putting up an FAQ page and an email contact form, the number of calls made between residents, the board and manager can be drastically reduced. Residents can ask their questions without having to find time to call during limited office hours. Management will also be able to reduce the number of valuable man-hours spent fielding and returning phone calls.

Bring Your Community Closer Together with Technology

If you have been looking for ways to make communication and interaction within your community easier and more efficient, then bringing your association online may be the perfect option. By taking advantage of the technology that has become an increasingly important part of life and business, you will be bringing your Community / HOA into the present and your community closer together.

Want more information on the pros and cons of taking your association online? Click Here!

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