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Roberts Rules of Order

downloadIt’s always important that a Homeowner’s Association board functions properly. Without a working board, conducting business and setting policy becomes a difficult, if not downright impossible, task.Robert’s Rules are a set of guidelines based on basic parliamentary procedure that can be used to make sure your HOA board conducts its meetings in an orderly and fair manner.It’s important to put all members on the same footing with procedures, and give everyone a fair chance to have their voices heard in the discussion. Continue reading

Renter Controversy: Should Renters be Allowed?

shutterstock_163245341Homeowners associations across the country are pondering with an old question that has once again become a topic for many communities: should renters be allowed? Some HOAs are answering the question by placing increasing restrictions on homeowners’ ability to lease out their properties with rental caps, severely limiting the number of homes in a community that can be renter occupied. Continue reading

Maintenance vs. Privacy

Private-HandHow often, and under which circumstances, should homeowners be required to open their homes for routine maintenance? It can be a touchy subject. While an HOA will often have stipulations for allowing access to a home spelled out in its rules and bylaws, the issue of homeowner privacy is still one that is likely to come up. Where should the line between maintenance and privacy be drawn? Continue reading

Is An Executive Session the Way to Avoid Controversy?

HOA boards can often wrestle with an executive session when it is appropriate to go into one. There are certainly times when it is appropriate for board members to meet in private to discuss sensitive matters that should not be disclosed at public board meetings. However, boards can easily lose the trust of their community, or even be violating the law, if they move too many matters out of the public eye.

When Is an Executive Session Appropriate?

shutterstock_162776492The first thing to determine when considering moving into executive session is to know what the state’s law allows. Most states have some provision that allows for the board to meet and discuss matters privately under specific circumstances. However, some states (like Florida) completely disallow community matters being moved from public view, except in cases of attorney-client privilege. Continue reading

Does Your HOA Have Bullies?

shutterstock_130805141It’s an unfortunate fact in life that positions of power and influence attract bullies.They bully either because their domineering personalities drew them to seek power in the first place, or because the influence a position gives them has made them grow to feel superior and invincible. When a person in a position of leadership abuses their power, it’s important to act. Not taking action against them encourages them to continue their behavior, and can also have serious consequences for the entire community if they get even further out of control. What is the best way to deal with HOA board members who are out of control? Continue reading

Conserving Water Pays Off

shutterstock_168453431How much effort is your HOA putting into water conservation? Chances are that there’s a lot more that could be done, and the payoff for doing so would be worth the expense. Not only is conserving water the socially responsible thing to do (especially if the community is located in a state hit by drought and water shortages, where it may be required), it’s also a great way to save money. Continue reading

Community Association Collections: A Tough Battle

shutterstock_108953882Taking action against homeowners who are behind on their community association dues can be an unpleasant task, but it is also one that is absolutely necessary for an HOA to do. Delinquent payments can easily eat away at vital funds in a community’s budget. And, they can damage the community as a whole if not enough funds are being collected to keep up with expenses. Continue reading

5 Tips For Moving Into An HOA

moving_tips_bannerYou’ve found the perfect home, but there’s a catch: to move into the community, you have to join their HOA. While dealing with a community association might seem like a hassle, there are many benefits to living in an organized neighborhood. If you’re not sure how to take the plunge, consider these helpful tips. Continue reading

Using Technology to Overcome Barriers in Your Community

shutterstock_119975335These days the majority of households have a computer and Internet access in their homes. Is your HOA taking advantage of that? More and more communities are discovering just how much a properly built and maintained website can be an asset to both property managers, boards and residents, saving time and energy for both, and making interaction between the two that much quicker and easier.  Continue reading